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Hope seeds

Happy New Year!

A brand new year comes, a brand new hope grows. In China, the proverb says, the whole year's work depends on a good start in spring. And in spring we sow seeds. There are lots of hope seeds. Here we provide one of them, our rockii peony seeds.

From 26th Dec, 2012 to 31st Mar, 2013, the seeds are on sale.

For individual, 1000seeds, the price is $60. The regular price is $90.

For wholesaler, 10kg, the price is $1500. The regular price is $2250.

Let us sow seeds in spring, and we believe that your harvest will be profitable.

Make the peony kingdom in Lanzhou New Area

329 acres of Zhongchuan Peony Nursery is leading the single largest nurseryin China. The peonytreeistall,flower is large and colorful, and the root is drought resistant. The rare Paeonia Rockii cultivated by them with cold tolerance creats the myth peony survive in winter without any artificial protection. Zhongchuan Peony, the brand is renowned at home and abroad, comparing favourably withLuoyang Peony. Zhonhchuan Peony is unique in the Lanzhou New Area, leading industrydrivestothedevelopmentofthecharacteristic agriculture in Lanzhou New Area. It is reported thatthe government intended to buildtheNorthwestPeonyKingdom. 329 acres of peony nursery is leading the single largest nurseryin China O

Rose Rosette Disease: No Cure

A disease alert for growers and retailers dealing in roses

Rose rosette disease (RRD)—a virus spread by airborne mites—had infected the rose. Finally, I had to throw in the trowel and dig up the plant. For this disease, there’s no cure; an infected rose is a curse to other surrounding roses.
A rose infected by RRD suddenly develops fast-growing canes, usually purple- or bronze-red, sometimes a sickly lime-green color. This sudden, odd growth is thicker than the stem it sprouts from. As the disease progresses, new canes are covered with thorns, with many stems emerging from the same place on the cane—a witch’s broom. These shoots and their thorns are soft, almost rubbery.

Leaves have bumpy or pebbly surfaces; sometimes, they seem to be more leaf-veins than leaf, as if they’ve suffered herbicide damage. (However, RRD affects only new growth, whereas an herbicide will affect both old and new growth.) Blossoms are cabbage-shaped and tiny. Often, they can’t open. The color and shape of infe…

The concerning points importing peony from China

In china, there are four kinds of peony. Rockii peony, Chinese Tree Peony, Herbaceous Peony and Japanese Peony
Rockii Tree Peony, the Latin name of Rokiii Tree Peony is P. Rockii, which characterized by tall plants, wide crown diameter and cold resistance can survive cold winter with minimum temperature -43centigrade without artificial protection. In this case, it’s suitable to grow in the European countries and USA. The rockii peony is originated from Gansu Zhongchuan Peony Nursery not far from Zhongchuan airport.
Chinese Tree Peony, the Latin name is Paeonia suffiuticasa, the standard of plants is 2-3 stems, 15-35cm height. For north European country we don’t recommend this type since it can't pass the cold winter, but for France, Germany and Netherlands Chinese Tree Peony can survive.
Herbaceous Peony, the Latin name is Paeonia Lactiflara , generally the standard is 2-3 buds, for better potting effect ,4-6 bubs is better, and Herbaceous Peony is also a good choice for cutti…